Research Group: Gastroenterology

Research lines

The Section of Gastroenterology is mostrly involved in basic research on liver pathophysiology.  In particular, in vitro systems and in vivo models are employed in order to reproduce conditions of chronic liver injury, such as hepatic fibrogenesis, chronic cholestasis, dysmetabolic liver injury and carcinogenesis.


Research Projects are coordinated by Dr. Gianluca Svegliati Baroni, by Dr. Marco Marzioni and by Dr. Samuele De Minicis.

Experiments are performed by: Dr. Laura Agostinelli, Dr. Cinzia Candelaresi, Dr. Chiara Rychlicki, Dr. Stefania Saccomanno and by Dr. Luciano Trozzi.

Other participants are: Dr. Pierantonelli and Dr. Luca Maroni (PhD students).

Head of the Institute: Prof. Antonio Benedetti.

Lab spaces

The Lab, located at the Polo Eustachio of the School of Medicine, 3rd floor, is laid out in two main, waid work areas, one room dedicated to microscopy, one to cell culture, one to molecular biology, and one for cell culture. Five office rooms and a library are also available.

Experimental systems

Of common use is the employemnt of in vitro systems of human cell lines of liver origin, in addition to primary cultures of cells purified from murine livers. In vivo murine models of cholestasis, hepatic steatosis, fibrogenesis and carcinogenesis are also routinely employed.

Similarly, we routinely perform experiments of immunohistochemistry, cell culture and transfection, cell and molecular biology.


-        Deionizator Millipore (Elix 3)
-        Contrast phase microscope (Olympus CK2)
-        Optic microscope (Olympus Vanox AHBT3) (equipped with digital image acquisition system)
-        Image analysis system (Olympus Cue 3)
-        Optic and Fluorescent microscope Nikon 80i.
-        Laminar flow hood 48 Faster (Hepa filter)
-        Laminar flow hood Janus (Hepa and carbon filters)
-        CO2 Cell Culture Incubator (Queue)
-        Autoclave (PBI International)
-        Dry-system sterilizing device (Heraeus)
-        Concentrator (Eppendorf 5301)
-        Counterflow elutriator (Beckman JSB)
-        Digital pump (Masterflex L/S)
-        Sonicator (Fisher Sonoplus HD2070)
-        Fluorimetric and colorimetric multiwell plate reader, Victor2 (Perkin-Elmer)
-        Real Time PCR Thermal Cycler Rotor-Gene 6000 (Corbett)
-        Thermal Cycler Gene Cycler (BioRad)
-        Multi speed refrigerated centrifuge (ALC PK121R)
-        Centrifuge (5415C Eppendorf)
-        Shandon Cytospin 4 (Thermo Scientific)
-        Spectrophotometer UV/VIS Lamda3 (Perkin-Elmer)
-        Microprocessor pH Meter pH 210 (Hanna Instruments)
-        Mini Protean 3 Cell for western blotting
-        iBlot Gel Transfer System (Invitrogen)
-        Electroporator Gene Pulser Xcell (BioRad)
-        –85 °C Deep Freezer (VXE490 Jouan)

 International scientific collaborations

The Section of Gastroenterology actively collaborates with the following international institutions:

-        The Texas A&M University, Temple, TX, USA
-        University of California San Diego, San Diego, CA, USA
-        Wien University, Wien, Austria
-        Academic  Medic Centrum, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands